3 morceaux à emprunter à la garde-robe de ton homme!

3 pieces to borrow from your man's wardrobe!

Happy Sunday my beautiful girls!

This week, a light article that works in simplicity to give you other ideas to have for creating your outfits at home. What do you say if I offer you tips on songs for your boyfriend? Obviously, if you don't have a boyfriend, it is still possible to represent these looks with pieces that take up the idea that I am proposing to you. For the good of the cause, you can refer to the photos in this article since I adapted the choice of these pieces to our JOELLE pieces in order to be as realistic as possible. On the other hand, always keep in mind that it is possible to do it with your better half's clothes, you just have to dare!

“Long tee” style sweater

The ultimate piece that will allow you to pair it with whatever is in your wardrobe. When I tell you that it's important for girls to have basics, it's inevitable that your men do too. In addition, the length and larger fit that these pieces will have on you, will give you the opportunity to place it however you want on your body.

Men’s “oversized” shirt

In this case, I'm not necessarily referring to the big lumberjack shirt. This is an option, but there are other types of shirts that can pair well with your looks. For example, a dress shirt (more chic) ​​that you cinch at the small waist with your belt and accompanied by the right shoe or sandal for summer; WOW. This option gives character to your ensemble, which is super trendy at the moment. Finally, complete your outfit with a more feminine piece to balance it all out in the right way!

“Are you comfortable in your hoodie? »

Our boyfriends' hoodies , is there really anything more comfortable in life? Why not combine business with pleasure! There is a way to create an Ariana Grande style, with an oversized hoodie, a pair of tights and that's it. For girls who want to have a more complete look, you can opt for the cozy-chic style with the hoodie under a jacket, for example. This completes your look and makes it appear more polished. In addition, for those who mostly work from home, this allows you to add a more sophisticated touch to your “ comfy ” style at home!

Okay, here are the girls! It's simple, right? One more plain long sweater, shirt and hoodie to add to your wardrobe (without your boyfriend realizing it 😉 ).

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