A styling appointment is the ultimate shopping experience. Whether for a one-off need or for a regular update of your wardrobe, our stylists become your fashion experts during this approximately two-hour session. Our team offers comprehensive support to exploit your full potential and meet your needs.

Price and operation

Available by reservation only, our 2-hour styling sessions take place in the VIP lounges of our boutiques in Trois-Rivières and Quebec.

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An experience for every woman

At JOELLE, our mission is to break the pre-established rules of fashion by helping women to enhance themselves and develop their confidence while respecting their style, personality and lifestyle.

Don't impose limits on yourself! Every woman is unique. Our team is here to support and guide you through this experience.

Whatever the reason

  • To modernize and refresh your wardrobe during the seasons
  • To make a transition related to personal changes (changing body morphology, new job, childbirth, celebrations, etc.)
  • To rediscover the pleasure of dressing yourself and feel confident
  • To benefit from valuable advice on having a smart wardrobe
  • To spoil yourself, quite simply

In short, all reasons are good!