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3 tips for shopping online

It’s my pleasure to meet you again this week to give you some tips for having a better online shopping experience. It is important for me to segment this article into three distinct sections: before, during and after shopping on the web. You should always opt for this kind of approach in the future. This will allow you to better understand the right behaviors to adopt during these processes which may seem more difficult to us since we do not have access to the products directly in front of us, as we would have if we were in a store, for example.

When these tips are well anchored in your ways of doing things, I guarantee you not only a better overall experience, but also much more intelligent and profitable purchases in the end. Let me know if this article will help you with your future online spending or if it gives you the courage to start this process altogether.


What mood are you in?

It is of great importance, above all, to be in a comfortable environment and that you have the right mindset before taking out your credit cards. What do you really need? What are you researching?

Many wonders are hidden in your own wardrobe

It's good to always review your own items that you already have at home so as not to make unnecessary expenses or even better, to make the purchases you are about to make more profitable. For example, seeing with what other products at home you could combine the clothes you want to buy or knowing for what purpose or when you are going to use these pieces can only be beneficial to their purchase. I always tell you girls, initially you need at least basics, featured pieces, trendy clothes and pieces that suit you. Then it becomes much more interesting to play with the versatility of each item to ultimately be able to recreate a multitude of looks with these pieces.


“I'm afraid I won't choose the right size! »

For this step, it is essential to have a measuring tape at all times to help you choose the right sizes for your clothes. This may seem like a more complex task to accomplish, but I guarantee it's simple girls! You just need to have the will to do it and believe me, the size guides are not there for nothing. Each site/organization may be different. There is a general trend for sizing, but I strongly advise that if this is one of your first online experiences for any clothing brand, take the time to measure yourself. Always remember that most sites offer you online chat service. Use it! If you are hesitating between two sizes or between two different cuts, this service is there for that.

A wealth of information

Subsequently, when you find yourself faced with the product sheet you want to purchase, make sure to read all the relevant information about it. Most of the time, you can find everything relating to the properties and compositions of the products, possible maintenance, cuts, return policies, etc. All of them are information that will benefit you at some point and none of them are worth ignoring. This information is there to tell you as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Thus, these descriptions allow you to have a better idea regarding the products you wish to obtain. If you take the time to read this information, you will be more likely to purchase a product that you really need and therefore less likely to return it and be dissatisfied.


Give yourself some Love

At this point, it is important that when you receive your clothes, you come and try them on in the right way. In this sense, do not try on the clothes if you are not in the right mood mentally speaking, this risks discouraging and frustrating you further. Get out your good underwear, shoe/boot options and take the test. When clothes are put together well, with pieces you already have on hand, it will benefit your experience much more than if you try on a new blouse with your pajama bottoms, for example. You will be more inclined to make good choices this way, trust me!

Here you go girls, you are now ready to face this great player of our contemporary era; online shopping!

See you soon 💛


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