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5 look ideas for a family reunion 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❣️

Family reunion – The ultimate question: “But what do I wear?” »

Dressing for a date , a night out on the town with the girls or an interview for your dream job is up to you. On the other hand, when the time comes to choose your outfit for an evening or a family reunion, it's another story... It can be a real challenge to adapt, especially since the trends that evolve each season are not popular not to everyone.

More vibrant or “punchy” colors could well surprise your loved ones, who are often more traditional. Pleasing those around you and avoiding questionable remarks from your family then becomes an art. If, in addition, you have to go to your in-laws, you are not out of the woods !

To follow up on these thousand and one questions that cross your mind when you select your clothes, I want to tell you not to be afraid to dare. As I like to tell you, you have to choose your clothes for yourself. Getting dressed shouldn't create stress for you, on the contrary! This activity should be fun and even more light and zen.

Today, I'm giving you the missing ingredient in your recipe, 5 look ideas to prioritize with Jojo clothing for a successful family gathering!

Look 1

Suggested models : Roulade amber , Rosette (model coming soon) , Major , Alphonso and Mérida

For a casual chic look, opt for our Major pants, our Rosette shirt and the Roulade turtleneck as a complement. It's a nice in-between to feel comfortable but stylish!

Look 2

Suggested models : FP Camisole , Petal , Clarabelle (model coming soon) , Leena and Carreta

This casual look will make you feel instantly confident. It has never been easier to get dressed without racking your brain.

Look 3

Suggested models : Water Lily , Flora , Sofia and Asymmetrical Earrings

For a more funky touch, we recommend going with our Flore jumper accompanied by our Nénuphar blouse. Dare to mix textures, you won't regret it!

Look 4

Suggested models : Merlin , Auguste , Cyn bleu , Uranie and Adela (model coming soon)

Mixing denim with a jacket is the trend of the moment. Your look will lean towards a more polished look without drawing too much on the corporate look of the office.

Look 5

Suggested models : Cosmos , Petal , Alexandria and Georgia

With its simplicity, you will charm those around you instantly with our Cosmos model. Our ultimate compliment dress!

There you go, girls! Just add your favorite jewelry and belts to these looks and voila! Leave with a light head and let your inspiration guide you for what follows. ✨

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