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5 o'clock tea

If there is a rare commodity these days, it is Time. This month, we're offering you some downtime and not just any: we're taking you into the extraordinary world of Alice in Wonderland . Put on your most stylish outfit, it's tea time! 

Synonymous with refinement and good taste, we are inspired by the English ritual of tea when creating our sets: the skirt and the jacket, or the vest and shorts, all in tweed, serve as the basis for the creation of our looks. We combine them with embroidery, friezes, and we obtain the class associated with English high society.

“If you knew Time as well as I do, you wouldn't talk about losing it as a thing. Time is a living being. […] Time refuses to do what I ask of it! (1) »

If we cannot tame Time, we can still enjoy it. Because we want to think about ourselves, to take a moment to treat ourselves even in the depths of winter, we put on our jumper and combine it with blouses in pastel colors – pink, green, yellow are the part – and we complete it with golden jewelry adorned with pearls for a guaranteed feminine effect.

“Time passes, and we say nothing! We watch him pass, arms crossed! (2) »

Far from letting time slip through our fingers, we slow it down in the comfort of our sweaters, whether they are more classic cut or more daring with openings on the sleeves. We indulge in the madness of textures, snake-inspired prints and, as the ultimate wink, we dare to wear a patterned dress… have you guessed it? Yes, teapots!

Come on, girls ! No time to waste to feel beautiful! It's not even necessary to put on your Tea-Gown (3) : we select clothes that immerse us in the atmosphere of the 5 o'clock tea and that's how we will spend a month of February escaping, outside time, towards wonderland.


(1) CARROLL, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland (1865).

(2) SENÉCAL, Patrick, Aliss , Quebec, Alire, 2000, p. 312.

If you don't know it, this work by Patrick Senécal is intended to be a rewriting of Lewis Carroll's Alice. Alice has become Aliss, a young 18-year-old woman eager for discovery whose “wonderland” is a crazy neighborhood in Montreal. For the informed public!

(3) Tea-Gowns were comfortable and elegant dresses that English women wore in the 19th century to enjoy their precious hot drink.

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