Collection Garden 🌸

Garden Collection 🌸

For this last part of our trilogy inspired by Alice in Wonderland , we invite you to take a deep breath, smell the scent of the flowers and spread your petals to form with us a magnificent “garden of living flowers » 

[Alice] was wondering […] if the pleasure of weaving a garland of daisies was worth […] going to pick […], when, suddenly, a white Rabbit with pink eyes ran past very close to her 'She. […] Devoured by curiosity, she ran across the field in pursuit […] . 

In the JOELLE Collection garden, curiosity and daring carry us away: rather than displaying the flower in a traditional motif, we reinterpret it. We are inspired by its composition to create dresses like the Jonquille with its floral embroidery, but also its bottom similar to open petals, the Parodia with its puffed sleeves and its stems that come out of the collar, or the Hibiscus which displays all its beauty in transparency. 

In pursuit of the white rabbit, we dare to wear jewelry in the shapes of mushrooms and rabbits, good omens for crazy sartorial adventures with pieces freshly picked from our wardrobe. 

Alice opened the door, [and] saw at the end of the corridor the most adorable garden imaginable. How she wanted to get out of this dark room, to go for a walk among the beds of brightly colored flowers […]! 

In the JOELLE Collection flowerbed, the palette of colors is available like the most beautiful bouquet: all the colors come together, ranging from the yellow of the sun to pink, including the green of the foliage and the blue of the sky. Each look created becomes a vibrant new assemblage thanks to the unlimited combinations of colors, the mixing of textures and the layering of clothing and accessories. 

Alice […] began to ask questions [of the flowers]: “Aren't you sometimes afraid of staying stuck here, with no one to take care of you? » 

Alice offers a magical, magical universe. In the world imagined by Lewis Carroll, everything is possible, anything can happen, but above all, everything is unique. Like every flower in a garden. Like every woman in the JOELLE universe. 

After having invited you, in recent months, to have tea with us, to let your imagination run wild, now take a moment to let your sense of style blossom into the open and become a flower as exceptional as it is extraordinary in the bouquet JOELLE Collection. 

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