Créer, ce n’est pas léger

Creating is not light

Remember the Disney movie Cinderella (1950)? Cinderella needs a dress to go to the ball and presto! in a song and a few strokes of the scissors, the mice create a princely outfit for him. Well, know that the reality is not that simple (but almost as fun!).

There are many steps behind every item of clothing you wear. It all starts with research: you have to read and inform yourself to be on the lookout for the latest global trends in cuts, fabrics and colors. Once the guideline of the new collection has been established, it is necessary to choose the fabrics, test them by putting them to the test to know their resistance to real life and its numerous washes. The fabrics are also selected based on their ease of arrangement as well as their ability to suit cuts that can accommodate the greatest possible body diversity.

Then comes the drawing stage: how will the garment be cut? Made? Adjusted? Where will the seams fall? How will the fabric patterns be distributed? So many questions that are considered when designing models. When the collection is presented to the design team, they work to bring the ideas to life by creating the patterns and technical drawings which will eventually become the models which will then be tried on to be perfected. As we always want to offer pieces that fit well, that look good, everything is thought of: from the weight of the fabric to the fit of the shoulders, nothing is left to chance. Before full-scale production begins, all prototypes go through quality control so that the finished products are perfect and exactly as they were designed. As all these steps must be taken into account in addition to delivery times, the creation of a new collection is often launched a year in advance.

So you understand that a lot of effort goes into creating your favorite clothes. Would we trade this approach for the good care of Cinderella's mice? Certainly not! Otherwise, we would lose the pleasure of seeing our pieces gradually take shape by seeing them go from ideas to designs, then from prototypes to clothes that bring joy to all our beautiful girls . And your stories of looks, girls , are worth all the princess stories in the world!

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