DAY & NIGHT : savourer l’instant présent.

DAY & NIGHT: savor the present moment.

July, the month when the light, warmth and good weather finally come back for real. It is therefore under the sign of optimism and happiness that we dive into the latest arrival of the collection, Jour & Nuit .

To capture all the energy of renewal, we need peace and freedom. We opt for pieces which, despite their simple appearance, certainly give us a fabulous look and flatter our silhouette, like the Gardenia dress and its cut that dares anyone not to love it, or the Lilianne who takes us on a journey through her Moroccan inspiration.

With these pieces, we have the desire to open up to other cultures and let ourselves be influenced by all the beauties they contain. The result is clothes in lively and vibrant colors, like Neyla , accompanied by raw jewelry, to form feminine ensembles that make you want to get some fresh air and go on adventures around the world.

Tinted by a pacifist spirit directly drawn from the 70s, this entire collection leads us to create soft and natural looks, with monochrome underwear accompanied by handmade mesh tops, which we think of the Hupper camisole or the Manel dress.

You will have understood, this last month gave us the taste to spread the small and big moments of happiness, to gorge ourselves on sun and light, and to take the time to savor the present moment.

How can we not succumb to this call to live happy moments dressed in our most beautiful finery? Happiness is within reach: why resist it?

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