JOELLE Inc. ouvre un bureau à Montréal

JOELLE Inc. opens an office in Montreal

The JOELLE company continues its growth with the opening of an office in Montreal. The latter will be a creative place where the development of new products and innovation will take place. This strategic decision will allow JOELLE Inc. to deepen its expertise thanks to the labor pool offered by the great metropolis.

Nearly 5,000 square feet of productivity will support the work of the Trois-Rivières head office team, managed by the owners of JOELLE Inc., Joelle Desaulniers and Billy Lacasse. “ With us, each department has the freedom to think outside the box and innovate. JOELLE's creative strength translates into more than just her clothing making. Whether through our human resources, our personalized styling service, our marketing, our digital experience or even our events, we differentiate ourselves thanks to this flame that drives us all. », says Billy Lacasse.

The new premises will be able to accommodate up to 30 employees working in various fields ranging from design to marketing and events. “ Our Montreal team will be made up of bright, dynamic, daring and passionate people. The company has experienced tremendous growth since its creation and we want to surround ourselves with the best candidates to experience this new chapter and take their careers to another level.», explains Joelle Desaulniers.

The history of JOELLE Inc.

Founded in 2016 by Billy Lacasse, president and general manager, as well as Joelle Desaulniers, creative director and vice-president, JOELLE Inc. is a company specializing in the creation and production of ready-to-wear women's clothing. Its mission is to offer customers an unpretentious fashion world while remaining close to its community. The JOELLE experience has already won over 125,000 members on Facebook and 27,000 subscribers on Instagram. Every week, customers from across Quebec travel to experience the styling experience offered at the Trois-Rivières boutique. To meet growing demand, a new store will open its doors in Quebec City at Place Ste-Foy in July 2023.

Limitless growth

JOELLE Inc. now does business with international partners for its clothing manufacturing to support its rapid growth. Sharing the value of ethical work, each of these companies works according to its expertise while offering a high standard of quality. Our strong relationships with our partners and the hiring of new employees will help us begin this new phase of development over several years, which aims to expand our physical presence across the Quebec territory, among others in Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore of the metropolis. This is the start of a great and beautiful adventure for the brand.» , mentions Mr. Lacasse . The company now has around sixty employees and plans to hire more than twenty by the end of 2023. With us, there is no ego; only rigor, authenticity and a lot of kindness. We have a lot of fun and such significant growth means days are busy and things move quickly. We therefore need hard-working people who correspond to our D system: resourceful, self-confident and resourceful. » says Joelle Desaulniers. JOELLE Inc. invites interested people to apply at .

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