Journée internationale de la femme

International Women's Day

Good evening my beautiful girls 💜

It makes me feel good to meet you again for a few weeks to talk to you more intimately through the articles that we publish on our page. This creates a certain additional closeness and I feel blessed to be at this stage in our relationship girls. You know how important it is to me that you are part of the big JOELLE family. This article will largely be a dose of love to all of us and my goal is to take this moment from your day to highlight all the good we do every day. We never take enough time to do it so here I am taking this initiative this Sunday evening!

Women’s DayWhat is our real vision of women? What does this day really represent? What are we trying to celebrate? »

Several things, I would tell you. Taking a step backwards, going back many years ago when great pioneering women fought for our rights and freedoms and advocating equality between the sexes, to today where we proclaim ourselves the generation of this equality. The objective of this day, among other things, is to inform, challenge and raise awareness among the population about the inequalities and discrimination that we still experience today; the women. On the other hand, it is a way of appreciating what we have become together, as a nation.

“Why don't we emphasize how courageous, how fighting and how strong we are to be at this stage today? »

For years now, we have been in a continual struggle to fit into a mold of society, that we often forget who we ultimately are. It's part of our present to fight for what we believe, what we want to accomplish; you will always have to do more than others to get where you really want or to simply receive what is right. For the moment, it is part of our reality, but we must still highlight the path that this nature has made over the years. I don't want us to feel sorry for this truth so what do you say if we change our way of thinking, right now. Failing to tell ourselves that we will never get what is due to us, why don't we emphasize how courageous, fighting and strong we are to be at this stage as of today? We have worked and continue to work so much harder than anyone to get there, always remember that. We are “ super women ” and we deserve to wear this title! I want you to get more and more into the habit of recognizing your daily victories, whether they are small or big. All are relevant to your journey girls. They have the opportunity to make you better, it only depends on the perception that we decide to attribute to these kinds of situations.

A global phenomenon

Today, tomorrow, and for the other days to come, I want us to break the already pre-established scales and break out of these molds that society has unfortunately created for us over the years. I can tell you that this is one of my personal missions; to stop this phenomenon of acceptance and social pressure that we face every day. Let's face it, as we get older, it's not easy being a woman. Our bodies change, our skin, our face are no longer the same. Pressure increases while self-acceptance tends to decrease. It's normal. Have you seen what we continually face every day? Models of life and beauty are not normality, they are unattainable standards. It is often said that when we compare ourselves, we console ourselves; but in the contrary! When we compare ourselves, we put pressure on ourselves and this only creates disappointment and dissatisfaction with ourselves.

“I want to tell these girls that what we see in the media are often illusions”

I can't imagine the generations that follow me, to what extent they are even less equipped than we were lucky enough to be to face this social pressure since it is only increasing. I want to tell these girls that what we see in the media is often an illusion. Realities that don't exist. It's important to find a model of life or beauty that is unique to YOU. May this model always be a reflection of what you advocate in your personal values. It is essential that it is someone who makes you feel good and proud of who you are.

“We have accomplished great things over time”

There is so much good and positive about our gender and our identity as women. We have accomplished great things over time; we have generated great movements and we have been able to bring several beneficial visions to our world. Whether on a large or small scale, we all have the opportunity to make a difference. At JOELLE Collection, we have succeeded in building this organization which puts women at the heart of its priorities. I always told myself that if I could help at least one woman to feel beautiful with JOELLE clothing and to see herself for her true worth, then I would have accomplished something good. I had no idea that so many of you would embrace my vision, my collections, my styling and quite simply my way of life. I think it's important to emphasize this, because it's impressive what we've managed to build together over the years. This community is what brings us together and unites us. I find you so inspiring every day and I am very grateful that you are MY girls. Together, we make this world a better place, each in our own way.

To end this article, it is important for me to give some of this dose of love to my wonderful work team at the office, to my grandmother, my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law. sister, my loving friends. You are all impressive women and you are definitely great pillars in my life; those without whom I would not be the person I am now.

Happy Women’s Day to all of you my beautiful girls!



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