L’inspiration derrière la collection NEOCLASSIQUE

The inspiration behind the NEOCLASSIQUE collection

When September arrives, with the return of obligations and the end of vacations, we tend to return to a more traditional wardrobe. At JOELLE, fortunately, traditional does not rhyme with boring. Follow us into the world of the NEOCLASSIQUE collection and discover how we revisited our favorite classics.

“Navy and black don’t go together”: what a mistake to deprive yourself of the mixture of these two sumptuous shades! We combine them, for example, with our VALENTINE blouse and our BARDOT pants for a professional look that is anything but banal. For variety, we combine the navy and burgundy of the VERSAILLE , BENJI, QUANT models and we obtain a rich, luxurious look.

navy and burgundy mix

We love the structured and demure look of jumpsuits, but we give them a touch of fantasy that changes everything by adding ornamental trimmings to their shirt collars. We complete our ensembles with silver jewelry, which perfectly complements the cooler shades of the season. We also appreciate the frilled collar of the LAURENNE blouse because it reminds us of the most beautiful looks of English style, a question of prolonging the escape provided by overseas travel.

Linear patterns and checks help us create daring looks through mixtures: we mix, for example, the BLUES and BARDOT pieces for a nod to the revisited English dandy. As always, we dare to mix materials, whether it is leatherette, shine, felt, fur or satin effect to create unique and daring looks to go beyond the classic that we expect when we think of custody. - dress to return to normal after the holidays.

benji laurenne

In short, girls, just because the holidays are over doesn't mean the party is over. We dare to step out of our comfort zone by renewing our classics.

Let's dive into fall with a touch of madness thanks to the NEOCLASSIQUE collection!

Mixing materials and bold patterns: the very essence of this collection. We dare to step out of our comfort zone by renewing our classics.


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