L’inspiration derrière la collection NINETIES SHADOWS

The inspiration behind the NINETIES SHADOWS collection

October already! Is it just here that we feel like time speeds up in the fall? Nature may drape itself in its most beautiful colors for a few too brief weeks, but no one is fooled: the grayness of autumn awaits us. Although we may have named this collection Nineties Shadows, don't believe that it was spleen that took over JOELLE. Rather, we wanted to take you to revisit the 90s, the one where black and grunge were the big stars, and to revisit it to bring light out of the darkness. 

The motto of Nineties Shadows? Monochrome. We appreciate outfits where a single color is king. We adopt without hesitation mineral shades such as ecru, olive, blue, gray, and of course the inevitable black. We play with light and texture by varying the choice of materials: for example, we combine the opaque wool of GRUNGIE with the transparency of the lace of LIPA for an ensemble that is anything but banal. 

You're starting to know us: at JOELLE, we love layering! As the autumnal mercury sometimes plays like a yo-yo, we combine a piece like the ROXAN with our favorite SHANIA, just to give more depth to our look (and to have an extra coat when the temperature is cooler!). 

Go for black and mineral colors, but what about grunge? No need to turn into a clone of Courtney Love to revisit the spirit of the 90s. Instead, we wear our most beautiful denims like the Cyn with our geometric patterned or checked blouses like the ROXAN . You had already guessed that. On the other hand, to get off the beaten track, we dare to combine our jeans with a satin top like the TORENA for a truly refreshing play of textures. Of course, don't forget to complete the whole thing with a BELKIE belt to cut out the waist. 

As a final nod to the 90s, we bring the trims with the JOELLE logo clearly visible. Far from us the idea of ​​letting your jeans boxers lowered over your buttocks protrude: in order to refine the idea of ​​the logo, we rather prefer it on the SATINE or the SPICE, where it gives a touch of elegance to pieces of more sporty inspiration. 

So, girls, ready for a foray into the 90s? We promise, we won't leave you wandering alone in the dark! 


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