La matière et la texture : les deux ingrédients d’un look réussi

Material and texture: the two ingredients of a successful look

Often, in our articles, we talk to you about material and texture. We find it essential to separate these two terms so that you can fully benefit from our advice. Above all, we want to explain to you why it is crucial to mix the two for unique and magnificent looks.


This is what gives dimension to a garment, think of an embossed one for example. In fact, this is what is 3D in clothing. Texture is important because it’s what adds dimension to the look.


We are talking about the fabric that makes up the clothing: leather, denim, suede, silk, etc. Playing with materials means having fun with light, because each one reflects it differently.

With the distinction between the two established, why is it so important to mix them? You will have guessed that it is the play with the light and the dimensions of the pieces that we choose which allows us to create a surprising, rich look. Think of a tone-on-tone look: in the case of identical materials and without texture, you obtain a boring result (see Creton in La petite vie to understand everything). Think of the same tone on tone, this time with a mix of textures and materials. This time we get a new and interesting look.

Material and texture are there to support you in creating rich looks: dare to mix them, dare to be yourself, unique and beautiful each in your own way. Show us your best mixes!

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