Le chemisier : un des morceaux phares dans les collections JOELLE

The blouse: one of the key pieces in the JOELLE collections

In a former life, our national Joelle was a personal stylist. You know the story: it was while meeting all the styles of women that she had the idea for the first JOELLE clothing collection. In fact, she couldn't find the perfect clothes for her clients, so she said to herself, "Why not design them myself?" ". One of the items that particularly caused him headaches in his research for clients was the blouse: always poorly fitted to the chest, overpriced, not the right style, etc. The blouse has become one of the flagship pieces in the JOELLE collections that have emerged over the years. We explain to you why, for Joelle, there is “nothing more beautiful than a woman in a blouse”.

The blouse, the wardrobe essential

We love it because with it you can never be too or not chic enough. It can be worn in 1001 ways – as a jacket, crossed as a wrap, inside out, tied over a dress, etc. – plus it instantly makes us classy. Plus, each blouse brings a unique look, so we can fill our wardrobe with them endlessly.

JOELLE blouses are distinguished by their cut and fabric: maintenance-free, they remain beautiful even after numerous uses.

How to select it correctly

We look at the cut and the buttons. We observe the garnishes. Our blouses have two or three buttons at chest level, so that they do not open, regardless of the size of the person wearing them. We like the fluidity of the fabrics to offer a look different from the traditional shirt: our armpits are open, our chests are not oppressed.

You don't have to be a lawyer or wear a suit to love blouses: you just need to love elegance and style. And you, what is your favorite blouse and what do you like to wear it with? We want pictures!

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