Les 10 essentiels Jojo à avoir dans sa garde-robe

The 10 Jojo essentials to have in your wardrobe

Girls, do you ever find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe not knowing what to put on? The problem is that you don't have enough basics to allow you to see the potential in your looks.

For those who are part of the big family ( and welcome to all the news! ), I can never tell you enough that it is IMPORTANT to have a few all-purpose essentials for creating your outfits. These pieces you can't have a smart wardrobe without.

The good news is that today I suggest “the 10 Jojo essentials” to have in order to create a multitude of thoughtful looks and, above all, in your image. No matter what style you have, these tracks fit any genre!

  1. A loose t-shirt dress

You must have a basic dress in your wardrobe. Simple and effective, the dress dresses the upper and lower body at once. Simply accessorize everything with a jacket, jacket or shirt over it as well as some jewelry, and that's it!

Suggested model : Kara

2. A black jacket

Having a good quality jacket gives you options, girls. Depending on your mood, you can go from a chic and corporate look to a more casual and relaxed look. You can even opt for one or two additional sizes to create a more oversized look, which is very trendy at the moment.

Suggested model : Caesar

3. A loose t-shirt

T-shirts are probably the most underrated pieces of girls shopping...yet they should be the first purchase you make when revamping your wardrobe for the season. These pieces, generally plain and neutral, allow you to highlight the star pieces of your wardrobes.

Suggested styles : Loose white and black T-shirt

4. A high-neck camisole

A basic camisole is cool... But a quality basic camisole that doesn't fall apart after washing is even better! For those who love high collars, our Lombok model is a priority to give character to your outfits.

Suggested models : Lombok white and black

5. A V-neck camisole

Our Maureen model is the perfect base for hiding underwear marks. It can even be worn in both directions, either with the V-neck or with the high collar. Its fabric and thickness provide a shaping effect, while still being comfortable.

Suggested models : Maureen white and black

6. Belts

Our JOELLE signature belts are definitely the best way to enter our world. The objective of these accessories is to complete your outfits and offer texture to your looks. Not to mention that these creations are 100% vegan. Say hello to your new favorite belts!

Suggested models : JOELLE belts section

7. Straight-cut pants

We present to you Major, the super comfortable pants with multiple looks. This piece is one of a kind. It has several panels to create a trompe-l'oeil and blurred areas. You have to try it to understand the magic that happens when worn.

Suggested model : Major

8. Tailored pants

Our France model is the ultimate tailored pants. It was made shorter to show off your shoes. With its slight shine and Italian pockets, there is no need to tell you that it is a must for all 4 seasons!

Suggested model : France

9. Casual jeans

Is there anything more difficult to choose and buy than jeans? We decided to make it easier for you with our Cyn model. This denim has holes, but just enough. This is the kind of piece that the more it is worn and worn, the more beautiful it becomes. Available in black and blue: two classic and essential colors for a diverse wardrobe.

Suggested models : Cyn blue and black

10. A loose shirt

Ahhh, let us tell you a love story between JOELLE and Valentine… The flagship piece of our collections. This shirt is known for its oversized look and longer sleeves. This creation comes back in practically all of our collections and it takes on a completely different look each time. We diversify colors, fabrics, textures and details to surprise you every month. It's simple, Valentine does well alone because even if she is found in our basics, she remains the star of your ensemble.

Suggested models : Valentine almond , leather brown and satin rose

So! No more dilemmas, girls. Now, give way to your creativity and dare with your new basics. Remember that essentials will always be your best friends, no matter what look you choose!

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