Les shootings photos chez JOELLE

Photo shoots at JOELLE

Hello beauties ! 

Jo Jo asked me to explain to you how our photo shoots work here at JOELLE since we wanted to show you the other side of what you see on our different platforms . I currently occupy the position of marketing coordinator which means that I have the chance to work with Joelle and Melissa practically all the time . So the goal is to do the strategic deployment as it relates to whatever Jo and Bill want to implement. In this sense, these photo shoots are one of the responsibilities /activities that I have the chance to coordinate here. 

Our shootings are like events not to be missed. These days are so much fun and quite intense. Let’s just say that in the evening we sleep very well! In addition, these leave us greatly inspired for the future. We all have very different roles to fulfill, which we must have maximum focus on when the time comes to take action. Everything starts from the artistic direction which includes the creative and artistic processes that Jo and Melou put forward. In other words, the girls generate the creative while for my part, I coordinate them to be sure not to forget anything along the way. The girls' job, for this sphere, is to develop different concepts for our platforms (web and social networks) and then realize them with Milaine, our photographer. Thus, it is inevitable that it takes a certain external structure which creates very precise links between the tasks to be carried out. This so-called structure, well it’s me!

From this step, the three of us decide the concepts that we want to put forward for the types of photos/videos to create. These meetings can last quite a long time, not only because we are really focused on producing and delivering what girls really want to see on a daily basis, but also because these kinds of creative processes require a lot of concentration. Sometimes it happens that girls can get carried away with this type of creation since it is what they are passionate about; create and be creative. On the other hand, given that we must respect our deadlines and deadlines, sometimes I have to act as a certain devil's advocate who brings the girls back to order at these moments. It should be noted that when this happens, I am always there with a very specific *snap of fingers* to redirect the girls on the path we need to be on! It's my move par excellence! They already imitate me at the office by snapping their fingers to say something important. You could say that I rub off on them... or they take great pleasure in laughing at the character I create for myself!

As you've known for a while now, Jo and Melou together make the perfect creative team. The kind of girls who understand each other with just one look; You see what I mean! You also know that these kinds of creative minds generate a certain internal structure that goes in the same direction. Girls are super structured in what they actually want to plan, create and put forward. In this sense, my role is much more focused on providing them with a more Cartesian structure that directly encompasses all of these processes as effectively as possible.

Once this planning is complete, it is important for me to mention you and emphasize the symbiosis we have as a team since it is simply incredible. We all manage to understand each other and be on the same line when we meet; largely since we share the same vision when it comes to JOELLE. This is what allows us to be in harmony with what we really want to put forward for the organization. We all have our hearts in the right place. This passion and this flame that inhabits each of us, in my opinion, is what allows us to be so successful together.

That being said, following these creative processes and concepts established in the past stages, these must be communicated to our photographer; Milaine. The chemistry that Jo has managed to create with Milaine over time is not only essential to our proper functioning, but also very beautiful. As much as this is one of the biggest challenges we could encounter, this chemistry allows us to be as faithful as possible at all times to our vision at JC. It's all well and good to have an idea for an X concept to create, but our photographer must still succeed in understanding and recreating this idea too. I can confirm that Snowy's talent and creativity have allowed us to bring these concepts to life in practice, for years already.

For the moment, I have had the chance to work on 3 photo shoots. It's really interesting (and a lot of fun) to see how the girls work together and it impresses me how creative they are. As soon as I arrived here, I knew that the JOELLE family existed, but I didn't understand the real impact you had on these girls. It's amazing how highly they think of you and how devoted they are to all of you. It's beautiful, because I had never seen this anywhere else, neither in my previous work experiences nor in everyday life.

I consider myself extremely lucky not only to be part of this team, but even more so to have joined this big family so quickly. It is in part thanks to you and your love for this team that I can do this job every day! I understand the JOELLE vision and I share it. I'm grateful to work for an organization that resonates so much with me as an individual. Since there is nothing more rewarding and encouraging than being happy to get up in the morning to go to work.

Thank you to all of you, to Jo, to Melou, for giving me these magnificent experiences and for allowing me to showcase myself at all times! You are the real MVPs of this story.

See you soon, girls!

- Li 💫

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