L'inspiration derrière la collection Rose Lily

The inspiration behind the Rose Lily collection

I am happy to meet you again to explain the inspiration behind our Rose Lily collection. The latter which will be offered to you online from Wednesday evening.

To keep you in suspense until the official launch, I wanted to go deeper into why we created this collection in this way. Additionally, you will see what some pieces look like visually through reading this article (SPOILER ALERT!).


“See life in pink, as I like to do so well”

First of all, it is important to define the names that Melou and I chose for this April collection. Honestly, our initial plan was to release a more “festival” collection. Unfortunately, with our current pandemic situation, we have had to rethink all of this. Without necessarily removing the joyful, colorful and fun side of festivals, but by adapting it to our reality and giving it a whole new meaning. In this way, we came up with the name Rose Lily. “Pink” meaning seeing life in pink, as I like to do so well. We wanted to get out of the heaviness that the last year imposed on us. We thought we could draw a parallel between the shine we put on clothes and making your daily life shine despite everything. It was about giving you that light at the end of the tunnel, as the expression states. It was important for us to promote a wave of positivity through this collection release since it's easy to be unhappy with everything that's happened over the past year. We just wanted to take all the weight off our shoulders, offering something lighter through our songs. You will see, through the photos presented in this article, that we have relied heavily on this lightness and the fluidity of the pieces to finally give you the opportunity to remove this heaviness in all its senses.

Lily, innocence and absolute purity

On the other hand, “Lily” which represents innocence and absolute purity. A certain lucky charm in addition to being a nod to royalty. The symbolism of nobility that revolves around this name brought us back to earth and made us understand the essentials. A real favorite. We therefore decided to associate it with the “Rose” mentioned above. We wanted to get out of this zone of anxiety, to finally let ourselves blossom like beautiful Lily. Together, “Rose Lily” means affection and tenderness. The mixture of red ( sexiness, boldness and love ) and white ( purity, innocence and humility ) to create pink, represents exactly what we wanted to convey to you to give you this strength and this daily motivation.

Dressing outside of the usual context

We focused on an approach that managed to move away from the following idea: “ what is this piece ultimately used for? ". We need to stop complicating our lives when creating our outfits at home. To say to yourself “ I will never have the opportunity to wear this item of clothing ” is completely false! Create your own opportunities. We have been in a gray zone for a year now; waiting for . There is nothing more uncomfortable than such instability. At JOELLE, we tell you that it's okay to wear a dress to go grocery shopping, or to wear a jacket to " chill " at home. Every opportunity is good when you get up in the morning. The rest and the opinions of others, we don't care!

Is a blouse meant to be buttoned?

In this collection, we moved away from the idea that a blouse is designed to be buttoned. We come to work on the idea that the piece must be well placed on our body for it to have meaning. The objective being to create completely different styles and to focus on the fact that it is not a structured look, but much more fluid. Get out of this much-advocated structure and give yourself this more sought-after flexibility.

“We tend to take things for granted and that’s the worst mistake we can make”

We fell into a soft zone, as I like to describe it. When we fall into this negative, we succumb to the trap of no longer taking care of ourselves. We tend to take things for granted and that is the worst mistake we can make. Often, when we fall into this endless wheel, we tend to lack rigor. Against the grain, you must maintain this rigor in everything. Whether in terms of friendships or romantic relationships, you have to take charge of these things. For this reason, we wanted to transpose this mentality into our songs. It was important for us after all, to have some more characterful pieces.

Treat yourself to the beauty of Rose Lily

We send you light my beauties. This famous parallel of opposites between the pandemic and our present moment; we must emerge from this anxiety-provoking wave to finally let a wave of romanticism and gentleness break through.

And above all, don't forget to love yourself. In the end, that's all that matters.

At JOELLE, we will always be there to offer you this leverage towards the next step.

Hoping that this speech and this reflection behind our collection will calm you down. I can't wait to see you wearing these meaningful clothes every day.

Kiss 🤍


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