Nos challenges ; en création

Our challenges; In creation

I wanted to tell you a little more about what really goes on in our heads when we create clothes. Mel and I have some pretty unique behaviors when we are in “ creation ” mode and I thought it was fun to share them with you. We often say that we challenge each other when we brainstorm ideas for our products. Without forgetting that this process, as serious as it may be , gives rise to several moments of madness between us. We have so much fun doing what we do that we often forget that it's a job. The giggles and silliness that can surface during these creative moments are just perfect and that's what makes it all the more exciting. When it came time to think about writing this article, Mel and I wondered what behaviors always came up during these creative processes. We managed to target a few that are quite dominant and quite funny to explain to you. 

Mel and Jo

The “ expressions ” of the worst scenario

We like to imagine the worst scenarios for which clothing could be put forward. When we think about what type of piece we want to create, we always imagine the worst that could actually happen with these clothes and therefore what disaster that would leave us in! You will also understand that when this happens, we are referring to several funny and exaggerated expressions. So, when these expressions surface, it is impossible for us to continue with the creation of these particular pieces, since the image we have assigned to these garments is no longer erasable or changeable. Finally, it is important for me to share with you some of our favorite expressions. Let's not forget to mention that after each thoughtful scenario, you will always hear my voice or that of Melou say; WAHHHHHH MANNNNN! HAHAHA!

  • “Is this song too much Miss Daughtfire?” »
  • “Are you too much Gino?” »
  • “What's up cowboy: where did you park your mare? »
  • “Do I look like a snowman?” »
  • “Are you too girly-girl? »

The lives of our clients

These next challenges are probably our favorites since we refer a lot to our clients at JOELLE Collection. So, very often, Melou and I try to attribute common life situations to our pieces and so we often imagine who this piece would be good for and which client would like it! Being able to say to yourself that that we advocate here at JOELLE Collection. Indeed, for several years, we have succeeded in creating this magnificent loyal clientele that we have today. The least we promised each other was to get to know you on a more familiar basis. Hence the expression that I love to plug at all times; that you are part of the “ big JOELLE family” ! For us, it is extremely important to maintain this closeness with our customers and we will not hide it, it pleases everyone! So there you go girls, you are enormously important to our creative processes and all the more inspiring in our eyes!

The “ perfect matches

Before we move on to making our clothes, we like to imagine all the matches that our pieces could have with each other and in our customers' wardrobes. In this sense, Melou and I think about all the types of situations that can arise in terms of clothing arrangement to then create this aspect of versatility that we love to offer to our customers. Because after all, our ultimate goal is to present you with this multitude of choices in your clothing selections! How many times have I mentioned to you in Facebook Lives how important it is to come and mix our songs in order to offer texture and life to our OOTDs (Outfits Of The Day) ! There's a lot of logistics that exists behind the clothes we create, but mainly it's what sets us apart from others. I will never repeat it to you enough, but the fashion that we offer at JOELLE Collection is much more intelligent and, above all, complete fashion.

Featured fabrics

Finally, what always stands out in our challenges is certainly the types of fabrics that we will decide to choose for making the clothes. This process is very long and crucial following our actions to undertake in creation. It's a question of fit yes, but also of comfort that you have to think about! We must refer to a certain logical order concerning the evolution of a piece of clothing over the course of a day, for example. When we put the piece on at the start of the day versus when our day is over and we take it off. There are a lot of questions we need to answer before making a final choice on this type of decision. Here are some questions that always come up during our creation sessions;

  • “Is this fabric stretchy? »
  • “Does this fabric wrinkle when worn? »
  • “Is this fabric too hot for its purpose?” »
  • “Will this fabric shrink in the wash? »
  • “Is this fabric irritating on the skin? »
  • “Will this fabric age well over time? »

I'm very happy to have shared these little insides that we have here at the office, when we create the JOELLE pieces. You will also understand that it is not easy to focus on all these details for each item of clothing. Fortunately, Melou and I have this chemistry which makes it all much more pleasant, but above all achievable! Damn we love creating clothes for you girls! We are and will be eternally grateful to be able to practice this profession!

We love you big family JOELLE!

Joelle and Melou xxxx

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