Un premier arrivage estival : Looks simples et réfléchis

A first summer arrival: Simple and thoughtful looks

You girls were waiting for it impatiently; a first JOELLE summer arrival! Some models of dresses and jumpsuits and more. This is just the beginning, because it doesn't end there. In the coming weeks, we will have more and more items to present to you. We can't wait to show you these pieces through our networks.

Simple, easy and quick looks

For this arrival, we went for simplicity and ease. The goal is for you to be stylish in the time you need to say it! We understand that it can become stressful to choose what we are going to wear to go to work, to go out to do our errands, to go to a restaurant or just for our daily life in general. For this reason, we decided to make your life easier by creating pieces that wear well on their own and which can create a multitude of looks, depending on your “ mood ”. I always tell you how important it is to place the piece on your body, but this time, it places itself.


Wear our jumpsuit to go shopping? Why not? With a little sneaker and one of our knitwear on top; fire outfit! And wear this same jumpsuit for your romantic evening in the city? WOW.


Every song becomes the star

It is important to tell you that each of the pieces in this collection stands alone. You don't need to layer it or add pieces to it to make it look good. On the contrary, the clothes were created so that it would not be a headache to know how you are going to dress. Additionally, you will notice the fabrics used for the pieces of this arrival; stretchy and breathable in addition to being super comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

SOME ADDITIONAL TIPS – For the arrival of summer

How to accessorize your outfits?

It's all about the accessories you decide to wear with your dress or jumpsuit to complete your ensemble. For example, your choice of shoes/sandals and jewelry will determine the tone of your outfit. If you decide to opt for a chunkier heel and jewelry, you will have a more chic look, versus small flat-heeled sandals with fine (delicate) jewelry, you will have a more casual look. I promise that in a future article, I will give you tips and tricks for choosing the right shoes for your different outfits. Stay tuned!

Prom hairstyle…?

Girls, even your choice of hairstyle can change the tone you give to your OOTD. I'm not talking to you about going for a prom hairstyle (😂) but sometimes, changing how we usually place our hair offers more versatility to our ensembles. Just dare! Always keep in mind that loose hair adorns your neck, so if you have a piece that goes higher, it's beautiful when your hair is tied back (low hat, high ponytail). And the opposite is just as true. If you have bare shoulders, your loose hair will complete your outfit without you even realizing it.

Put the evening of May 26 on your calendar

Here are the girls! You know the formula, this collection will be available to you from Wednesday evening on the web 🎊

*It should be noted that the quantities are more limited given that all the pieces in this arrival were manufactured entirely in Quebec.

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