Un update familial à la JOELLE

A JOELLE family update

Very happy to meet you once again to chat with you about the changes we are experiencing at JOELLE. I wanted to take you on this adventure with us. I found it interesting to present this subject to you by making the comparison with what we can experience at home and in our family, friendly or romantic relationships.

" Hit or miss! »

Very often, we have turning points in our lives or simply big steps to take with our loved ones, which we say to ourselves: make or break ! For example, a first move with your boyfriend/girlfriend, a first pregnancy, a first meeting with your in-laws, renovations, etc. Well, it’s like that here at JOELLE too. In the midst of renovations, we realize that this is a big step to take as a team. As much as there are times that are more difficult to manage with the complexity and instability that this creates, you also need to know how to let go in order to live this period better. Although we are highly motivated to do our jobs well, it becomes inevitable in an environment like ours at this time that our patience may be short or our ability to manage these changes may be overwhelming. This is why we are doing everything we can to be best prepared to take these steps together.

“Everything has a beginning, everything has an end”

One thing I'm told that I often do is that I put on rose-colored glasses for all the events/moments I experience. For example, I always try to see the positive despite the things that may happen. Instead of adding pressure and intense stress, I decide to see everything differently. As I like to say, “ everything has a beginning and everything has an end ”. It is therefore important for me to convey these words to my team. The fact that what we are experiencing is temporary at the moment; you must know it. When you're part of the JOELLE team, everyone does their part. Whether it is to carry out so-called “related” tasks, it is important for us to teach girls to see the other side of each task, since this ensures that they become more understanding and better equipped for what comes next. things.

After all, it's important to stay human

One of the most important things for us at JOELLE is to remain “ human ”, no matter the situation we experience or even what the girls may experience on their side. Bill and I place a lot of emphasis on an approach that promotes emotional intelligence and which, in our opinion, is all the more beneficial to adopt towards your team, versus an organization that does not do so. For example, the renovations we are currently experiencing are not ideal for working to our full potential and we understand what this means for the girls. On the other hand, it's temporary and it's meant to lead to something even better. Fortunately we have a super understanding and very hardworking team. We are grateful for everything we experience together, but also for the way we manage to harmonize it all as a team. This journey is part of our growth and evolution. That's nice to look at!

Renovations ” and “ growth ” are one and the same with us!

Managing the premises is more difficult at the moment. Our growth, which causes this new arrangement of our premises, is an essential step in the expansion of the organization. The decentralization of our inventory, which will be found in a warehouse separate from our head office, will ultimately allow us to be even faster and more efficient. In addition, given that we have several new players on the team, we had to optimize our locations to allow our creative souls to have an environment conducive to working with this in mind. One of the reasons why it was very important, for Bill and me, to offer an interactive, beautiful and inspiring workspace to our team. I can't wait to show you the final result.


There you go girls, it was a little update of what's happening in our offices at the moment. The family is growing; many projects are coming and I think you will be very happy with the outcome of this story. Thank you all for following us every day and above all, for being part of our big family too! I always tell you, but you are really essential to the equation JOELLE 🤍



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