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One collection per month: a new formula for JOELLE

Hello beautiful girls

This week is a great week. Two new collections will be released from Wednesday 4:30 p.m. Yes, yes, TWO!

That being said, I wanted to tell you a little more about our inspirations behind one of the July collections, in addition to explaining to you a brand new concept which comes into effect from Wednesday as well. We couldn't wait to present this new lineage for JOELLE, which is in the same direction as the identity we presented to you last week.

The “ British ” vibe

As for our JULY collection, it is mainly guided by a “British” vibe. You will see through the photos presented in this article that the pieces have an Anglo-chic look. The clothes were designed with a view to taking more risks and giving off a more daring aesthetic, just like the fashion of the “ Brits ”.

The Kiss ” - Gustav Klimt

Romance and warmth are also there for JULY. With my love for fashion and the summer season in full swing, we felt that our pieces had to reflect this incredible grace, just like the work of art by Gustav Klimt that was presented to you last week on Instagram. It really is the best way to illustrate our palette of emotions through our collection palette (warm colors, romantic colors).

Shop the look

As you may have noticed with the JUIN collection, we leveraged our strength at JOELLE, styling, to create several look options to shop. In fact, since we found it important to offer you this versatility that we have advocated since day 1, we worked hard to transpose this characteristic through the “shop the look” that were recently presented to you.

JOJO looks

The objective behind this option present on the web was to simply facilitate your purchasing experiences. We wanted to make it even easier for you to find the looks that I take the time to create during Lives and Stories, for example. No more questions, girls, everything is in one place!

A surprise every month?

Still with the idea that you can dress “head to toe” at JOELLE, I am announcing to you that we are going to have a collection that will be released EVERY MONTH. Not only have the quantities been increased, the girls, but the number of pieces created as well. It will therefore be a complete collection which will be presented to you each month (we're cool!). We opted for this formula, because of the growth we are experiencing and to be able to offer you pieces that hold up well in a collection. Did you miss the JULY collection? It doesn't matter, because you know there's another one coming out soon. You bought the JULY collection, you will be even more delighted to see that the August collection, and all those to come, have been designed to coordinate with previous collections without problem. It goes without saying that a multitude of looks will be offered to you through these new collections.

Since, at JOELLE, we focus on intelligent fashion at all times, we had no choice but to offer you collections that hang together and result in thoughtful and daring looks.

Okay, here are the girls! We are very excited for what’s next! Here are a few more photos that will keep you in suspense until Wednesday 4:30 p.m.

We'll meet again on Wednesday morning for a second article revealing the second collection which will be presented to you that same evening.


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