Une première collection de bijoux JOELLE

A first collection of JOELLE jewelry

A first collection of…18K gold-plated JOELLE JEWELRY! This is the surprise that we have been hiding from you for several weeks. We have been working for several months to offer you a range of quality jewelry from JOELLE. This collection will be available from this evening as well (4:30 p.m.).

We found that this addition to our universe complemented the looks that we offer you every day with our clothing collections. When we tell you that you can dress head to toe with us, it makes more sense than ever. This is the kind of finish we wanted to offer you. We sincerely believe that this is what will highlight the outfits you decide to wear.

Layering jewelry?

We built this collection with the idea that it would be as modular as possible. In this sense, since we like layering at JOELLE, we found it interesting that the jewelry was worn in a “layering” aspect as well. For this reason, you will notice that all the jewelry in this collection can be combined together. Do you want to put our three channels together at the same time? It's very beautiful. Would you like to stack two bracelets on the same wrist? Wow! Without forgetting that the option of “mix and match” and the creation of your own sets is essential for this collection. Let your creativity flow as you know how to do so well!

JOELLE chains

Our three chain models that will be available have a very special detail. The tie that joins each end is in fact a decoration in turn. Since we know that chains always have the habit of rotating around our necks throughout the day, the JOELLE clip has been designed so that it looks beautiful regardless of its location. Plus, these three styles offer three different lengths, so they can pair well together just as they can be worn alone.

Our Torqui channel

Our main piece of this collection, which refers to our Torqui (work of art of the balloon fish builder in the bottom of the sea), exudes a certain beauty in its simplicity and it is undoubtedly the chain that unites us all together .


Our “choker” chain

As for our “choker” chain, rest assured, it is worn close to the neck hence the reason for its name, but it will not be too tight. The fun thing about this product is that you can get two and attach them together to create a longer chain!

Our “onyx” chain

For our onyx channel, I have to share with you a funny little fact about it. This chain, with its gemstone that exudes confidence and stability, actually looks like Oz, boy. The more I look at it, the more I see a little guy holding his diamond with his little arms and his little belly, plus his head represents the Torqui . I know I'm going far in my thoughts, but it makes me smile to think that this channel has this specific symbolism for me. You will also notice that this is the chain that I have had around my neck for a while now and you always ask me, precisely, where it comes from! For me, this piece of jewelry means building something and reminds me of my family. It’s definitely my favorite!

Our collar tips

The jewelry that adorns the collars of your shirts: our “gaga” of this collection. We are proud to have arrived with such beautiful products to offer you, girls, you will love it! Three of our models feature semi-precious stones: Jade, Jasper and Agate. For us, it is the height of luxury and the best way to bring a spiritual awakening through something fashionable. We found this to be the perfect option to complete your looks to another level. These jewels will become your lucky charms, your little treasures, your “collector’s pieces”.

Our earrings

One of these models recalls our Torqui and all the meaning attached to it, while the other model was designed for all the daring girls in the family. Indeed, this unique model highlights the possibility of a certain “mix and match”.

Jewelry Care

This part is simply for informational purposes and will be added to all product sheets on our site, so you can always refer to it if in doubt. It's simple, we must not wear our jewelry in the shower, nor put perfume on it, for fear of causing wear and breakage. If you want to wash your jewelry, do not hesitate to use a microfiber cloth to simply dry them. So!

On that note, we hope this collection will refine your everyday JOELLE looks. The latter will be available this evening at 4:30 p.m., at the same time as our JULY collection. Woohoo!

*Prices vary between $28 and $58 ✨

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