Une première collection denim signée JOELLE

A first denim collection signed JOELLE

A new learning experience for us girls, we are adding this collection to our JOELLE Universe. It's no secret when I tell you that once again, it was a question of several months of work, of countless trial and error to finally arrive at our first collection of JEANS. We are excited to present to you these new arrivals and essential additions to our collections. When I was telling you, for a while now, that several things were going to change and be added to our world; here is the proof! This is a huge statement for us and we are very proud of this first denim series.

Since it’s always a question of precision and details at JOELLE

You know, at JOELLE, we never do things by halves. All our choices are considered and, above all, designed in a way to satisfy as many women as possible while advocating an aspect of maximum inclusion. You all know how difficult it can be to find jeans that not only fit you well, but are COMFORTABLE. It's a lifetime's work to find your favorite jeans . We understood what this reality implied and we suspected that it would be a great addition to our collections. Obviously, this is the first in a long series that will see the light of day soon, so there will always be room to develop these products as best we can. On the other hand, it is with a great deal of patience, acquisition of learning and expertise as well as assurance that we will present these new pieces to you in the coming days.

Jeans designed just for you

When we began our design processes for jeans, we tried to think about filling as many bodies as possible. To do this, we questioned ourselves for weeks to understand what makes jeans so difficult to love/find. The same question always came up: when you look in the mirror and choose your jeans; What do we ALL have in common during this famous fitting? Answer : It's always a question of waddling in all directions in order to place the piece in question on yourself, while trying to end up putting this piece of clothing in the best possible way on your body ( pull in your stomach, hold your breath , do a squat to see if it doesn't break, place your "zoune" so it doesn't go straight in, and even more ). I know you will understand exactly what I am explaining to you, even though it may seem funny expressing it this way. It doesn't bother me girls, we all experience the same things and it's important to tell each other the real things. Our goal therefore came down to developing products that would leverage your past experiences and make you want to love jeans again.

Be lenient with yourself

To return to what I said above; It's clear that it's easy to fall into a less pleasant zone when you try on jeans and want to find THE pair that makes you feel good and beautiful. It's crazy how much we look at ourselves in every direction in the mirror when we choose our jeans, it becomes almost disturbing and obsessive to examine ourselves in such a way. But I want to ask you the “straight up” question: what exactly are you looking at in the mirror? And why is there so much focus on that? Are these your thighs? Your butt? Your hips which create certain complexes? But for what basic reasons? Be indulgent girls! Not loving yourself by looking in the mirror is literally “ overrated ”. No, but for real, I guarantee you that I understand the complexes that this can cause; the reason why we decided to support you in this challenge as best as we can. We have worked extremely hard to make you feel appreciated, listened to and fulfilled by our products.


We tried more than anything to become your eyes when you try on your jeans. One of our most important criteria that we put forward was comfort. Since there is nothing more unpleasant than spending an amount of money on jeans that end up being uncomfortable. Our models have resulted in cuts that will appeal to as many women as possible while keeping the aesthetics of the pieces high. A challenge that challenged us, but mainly, that made us grow and evolve as an entity.

What message will you decide to convey with your jeans?

Jeans go a long way. When you wear jeans, you send a message into the universe. Denim, basically, was for workers on the railways and in the mines. Since it required clothing that was resistant due to the working conditions which were much more arduous, denim was the fabric par excellence used for workers' clothing. We decided to keep the symbolism that revolved around the purpose of jeans, to finally adapt it to our era. Today, when you put on your JOELLE jeans, tell yourself that it is to get through all the challenges that come your way. Ultimately, I like to believe that these jeans will more than withstand the criticism you will have on your body.

The beginning of a long love story between you and your JOELLE jeans

Here are the girls! This is only the beginning of this great and beautiful adventure. Since there are a lot of secrets and varieties to jeans; we want to work on it even more for you.

We are very proud of the long-awaited result of these new pieces!

*Official release: June 9, 4:30 p.m. – Pre-order items

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