Une première collection « Knitting » chez JOELLE

A first “Knitting” collection at JOELLE

Here are the girls! We are marking JOELLE's history with a new collection which will be released this Wednesday evening. After months of work and many hours of creation, we finally arrived at a result that we like and which greatly satisfies us. Our first “ Knitting ” collection will finally see the light of day!

Since this was a new learning experience for Melou and me, we wanted to be sure that what we were going to present to you would result in quality products that stood out from the others. We started from scratch in terms of expertise in knits, fibers, yarns and more. We only had some basic knowledge, nothing more.

It was extremely important for us to do our homework and push our research further in order to increase our knowledge in this area. We never do things halfway at JOELLE, let alone do them quickly and effortlessly.

After long days, weeks and months of work and trials, we finally learned about the different ways to create a complete knit. Starting with a woolen thread, then comes the choice of braid, the choice of colors, the choice of different proportions and thicknesses, ending with the reason why the piece is created. It’s a long process that requires a lot of thought. The action of thinking about the usefulness of a piece to ultimately try to create a garment that can be worn on any occasion and/or season: that's also the challenge.

Our goal was not to take existing knitwear from random suppliers and finally stamp them with a JOELLE logo. On the contrary, we wanted to implement this creation process from A to Z so that it would ultimately be our 100% JOELLE knitwear.

This collection has therefore been worked on and designed to be worn at all times of the year. In this sense, you don't have to tighten your knitwear in the summer because they are too hot and outdated for the season. No, no, these woolens were created as favorite sweaters that you can wear with different types of outfits. The do-it-all knitters as we like to say! Each knit has its own function/use and that is why we found it interesting to present this batch of clothing to you in this way.

I'll leave you with a brief description of the models coming for Wednesday. I'll also sneak peek a few photos to keep you in suspense until the release.

Liana : The ultimate overcoat. With its slimming cut, it pairs with all types of outfits. It also serves as a jacket and it is available in two colors (Oatmeal and gray). The “too smath” jacket as we like to describe it.

Idanie : A long and super soft jacket. It is mainly worn over camisoles or t-shirts. The kind of mid-season coat that goes well on a cold evening or even near the fire.

Garn : The trendy piece in your wardrobe. Since we needed a “collector’s item” style knit to mark our first knitting collection. The perfect little jacket to complete your looks.

Yvie : A pleasant knit to have when camping or even during a hike; at the top of the mountain. Its color (lime) which will please all the daring members of the JOELLE family.

Martini : Made from Alpaca wool, this jacket is the pinnacle of luxury in this collection. With its fiber that we decided to leave natural as well as its reminder of the net trend (Fish-net), we thought we would offer you a more fashionable version of this type of knitting.

Carmen : A dress/tunic designed to be worn loose and layered. The kind of chameleon piece, which goes well with pants, tights, bare legs, a shirt, a turtleneck underneath, and others. For girls who have been following us for a long time and who have several JOELLE pieces, this is the garment you must have since it pairs extremely well with our previous collections.

Clémence : A knit that offers a more bohemian look with its fringe detail at the bottom. We wanted to explore the ethnic side of knitwear and enter a folkloric era to finally give a nod to the history of knitting through this collection.

Meliteak : The 4-season sweater with a perfect round neck. Designed for a more oversized look. Let me tell you, this knit is just too SOFT.

Dougan : A jacket that offers a straighter cut with a puffed sleeve. The overcoat that we love to wear with dresses and/or jeans. Its fabric is thicker which ultimately creates a more luxurious look.

We can't wait to show you the final result of this hard work. We are very proud of these creations and I certainly believe that this next collection will please everyone!

Write to us in the comments, the models that you think will be your biggest favorites!

I can't wait to read you in turn 🧶🤎

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