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Aging gracefully

Good evening my beautiful girls 🤎

Since we have discussed this theme throughout the week, I found it interesting to explain to you my point of view concerning this subject and therefore to provide some answers to the questions that we may have with the concept of old age . My 34 years allow me to challenge myself and to review my achievements at all times, since there will always be movements that lead us to change our ways of thinking. An open mind is something you work on every day. It’s a journey that only you have the power to advance.



“The old woman no longer exists? »

More and more, we are seeing a very human shift taking place when it comes to the world of fashion. The latter invites us to review beauty standards, not only in terms of physique (body), but also in terms of age. The portrait of the old woman no longer exists. Grandmothers have become “grandmas” and it’s even super trendy to be a granny . As I explained to you in one of my radio columns, the 40 and 50 years are the new 30 years. In this sense, industries have finally decided to target markets that are really ready to buy the products in question. It became a logical question to address the right audience.

Aging gracefully…it’s a mental effort

I was wondering what makes it so that a person can live well with the fact that they get older every year, versus another who only sees the negative in going through a new year. It's all about the mentality we decide to have. I'm not saying it's easy to have this kind of ingrained thought, but you still have to make the effort. It's a choice and it's yours. We must keep in mind that growing old is a luxury, it is not allowed to everyone. We must therefore see the new wrinkles as life which has chosen us to go further. We must thank this and remove the bitterness that revolves around the concept of old age.

“At what point do you decide to no longer choose yourself? »

Too often I see women who have simply decided to give up. This sad reality that I do not understand, still to this day. At what point do you decide to no longer choose yourself? What makes you decide that you are no longer your priority and that you don't deserve to feel beautiful doing the things you love and wearing the clothes you like? I confirm to you that when we really know ourselves and accept ourselves, self-confidence and our speech evolve in the same direction. This depth that I always talk to you about, in women, is how we succeed in having it. From an extremely human point of view, I can understand that we, as women, go through a multitude of decisions, but when we look in the mirror, we find ourselves alone. To draw a parallel with writings that I have read in the past and which still delight me to this day; if we said that our person and our soul represent a museum and that you are the guide of the latter, what would you like to see in this museum? The museum represents the story of your life and the spotlight cannot be taken away from you. What would you like your story to tell? This would not only speak about your image, but also about your evolution in itself... Ultimately, there will always be a learning process with this kind of reflection as well as an inevitable beginning and end for the story told at the museum. (To meditate)

Old = Flat?

Sometimes we hear “I’m too old to wear those kinds of clothes!” » . This kind of statement has to be one of the things I dread hearing the most. Just because you're any age doesn't mean you can't wear a particular style anymore. The only person stopping you from being who you are, in the end, is you. Clothing in stores and online, in 2021, is for everyone! More precisely, JOELLE clothing is there for those who want to dare and accept themselves as they are or simply for those who are open to working on themselves in order to love themselves more. Point!



“Get out of the physical mold to see yourself better”

Girls, if I had one piece of advice to give you and that I would like you to remember at all times, it is to forget the standards and rules already pre-established by our society. Make your own rules. Detach yourself from the concept of what is socially acceptable and use your creativity to evolve the person you really are. Once you let go of this, everything else will follow. You will automatically feel more confident and inspired to become the best version of yourself.

“Growing old…that’s the fun!” »

Finally girls, I realized this year that getting older…is fun! It seems to me that I have more experience, more knowledge and I finally feel good with my body and my mind. The woman I am as of today, I can tell you that I am proud of her. I always look forward to seeing what life has in store for me in the future. I am happy and I have conditioned my soul and body to adopt this mentality. I hope you will dare to do it yourself.

See you next time, my beauties!



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