L'inspiration derrière la collection LADY DANDY

The inspiration behind the LADY DANDY collection

After telling you about our creative challenges as stylists ( read here ), I wanted to tell you about what inspired us for this collection.

Have I ever told you that, in my wild youth, I went to Europe for several weeks? This journey had helped me to find myself, of course, but it had also inspired me to the highest degree by the different cultures that I had encountered throughout the destinations. Among other things, the charm of the English had a great impact on me and it was into this world that I wanted to dive back into when creating the Lady Dandy collection. The dandy is defined as a man of taste and refinement. Think of Johnny Depp's look as Willy Wonka and you'll have a modern take on the perfect dandy look. It is precisely these ideals of elegance and presence that I wanted to find in this collection, but by adding a touch of femininity. Welcome to the Lady Dandy universe: pack your bags, put on your thigh-high boots, girls, we're heading off to the English countryside together!  

When we close our eyes and imagine England, it is first of all the chic of the fabrics that we see: small and large patterns adorn both the skirts and the blouses, and we do not think don't mind mixing them. Find them, for example, in our PIROULINE blouse or our DYA skirt. Then we think of the perfectly structured cuts of pants, dresses and jackets. See them in our YVANIE pants or our MEGAN skirt. We dare to mix patterns and create endless looks by combining with more neutral pieces in shades of gray, brown, tapioca, black, etc. As always, the collection is designed so that you can constantly reinvent yourself through the layering of pieces and accessories.  

I remember, during my stay in the United Kingdom, being seduced by the romantic side of the look of English women and that is precisely what I wanted to recreate in this collection. You will therefore feel this dandy chic inspiration for example in our blouses with a collar that ties into a frill, like the GEORGINA. Of course, girls, you know me, I am keen to show that women are not only romance and delicacy: I therefore also went to draw on the strong women of England (when we find ourselves in a country where the Prime Minister was once nicknamed “The Iron Lady”, that says it all!). We therefore appropriate masculine standards and proudly display them with jackets, tailored pants and vests. Don't think, however, that these pieces are all rigid: we like them in soft and comfortable fabrics. Flexibility meets structure and the result is a happy marriage and incredible looks.  

As for the colors of the collection, they evoke the beauty of British landscapes : khaki brings a seductive androgynous side, orange offers a feminine touch to the sets without falling into the traditional pink, while beige and brown bring looks more nuanced than the classic black and white.  

In short, I wanted to take you on a journey this (almost) fall and I hope that you too will fall in love with the English inspiration. Dare to assert your feminine strength thanks to the Lady Dandy collection.  

Joelle xx

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