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Our story

To create a concept with the theme of Valentine's Day, why not tell you my own love story? I know that there are many curious people and it makes me happy to tell this story because it is very amusing, but above all because it is mine.

It all started when I was studying at university. Did you know that at that time, I was studying to become an English teacher? WHAT! Even for me, it's a shock to think about that. At that time, I combined my studies and my styling services which I offered to the clientele I had managed to establish. Not to mention, several shifts at the bar and that summed up my daily life, before I met Bill. When I was in college, the first time I actually saw Bill was, get ready, when I was going to the bathroom. Let me explain, Bill was one of the star players of the Patriotes team for the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières and most of the time, he distinguished himself by being the star player of the month for his team. You will therefore understand that his photo and his face were publicized in every corner of the establishment, among others, in the girls' toilets! A face that I was not about to forget. As a side note, let me tell you that Bill is not the type to chase not just girls, but anyone. He was recognized, at that time, for his more independent and mysterious side. You will also infer that this kind of behavior results in an extremely faithful and loyal human being. In any case, for Bill it was very true!

A moment came when one of my good friends asked me to accompany her to a hockey tournament, just to go check out the pretty boys there. Well, this might not come as a big surprise with this intro, but Bill was present at this tournament. You will understand once again that I had no choice in going to speak there. I won't hide from you that embarrassment has taken over my entire body. And he also, basically, doesn't like to talk too much without saying anything. We must believe that this discussion was fruitful because after that, we arranged to meet again.


For context, Bill is a great golfer. He learned to play the sport from his uncle when he was younger and has loved being on the golf course ever since. That being said, Bill invited me to join him to “ clack some balls ” because my golf shot was rocking. Anyone who knows me knows that I was panicking inside since it really wasn't the type of activity I liked to do. It's not for nothing that my golf shot wasn't great! That day will remain engraved in my memory forever since we never let go after it. He was so nice, he was interested in what I had to say and what I wanted to accomplish in the future. His commitment to me came straight to my heart! He had a real interest in me and it showed!

To better understand the character I was going to want to spend the rest of my life with, here is some additional information that will help you better understand why this guy is the man of my life today. Bill is the type of guy who calls you instead of texting (wow). He made me go through all the tests before making our relationship official. For example, I met his boyfriends and his family before even saying I love you for the first time. It should be noted that at that time, I was a very independent girl in love. With a more significant and much less positive past, I had the idea of ​​not getting into this kind of love story again. I was more on my guard, while Bill was more focused on finding the right one. Let me tell you that this phase didn't last very long because deep down, I knew I was going to make a life with this guy!

Bill and Joe

What I am about to reveal to you is so funny, but also very personal since the first time we said the words of love " I love you ", it was not in a context The romantic thing you imagine only happens in movies. On the contrary, we had two or three drinks too many and we promised ourselves that we were going to say these words at exactly the same time. You see me coming: 1,2,3, go we say it ! Between two glasses of gin and tonic, a floor sticky with alcohol, people at the party and the festive atmosphere of the D'Artagnan bar (for those who remember), we faced the facts. The famous I LOVE YOU came out, and from that moment life took on its full meaning. Okay… This isn't your typical perfect love scenario, but the shot we created that night is what makes it perfect.

From that moment, Bill became the dad of Moko ( my great dog love ) until today the father of the love of my life, Oscar. This man is my pillar and my fort. I couldn't imagine going through everything that's happening right now without him. As I told you in the article on the story behind JOELLE Collection, Bill is my business partner, but above all my life partner. We complement each other on another level. I know that I am living the most beautiful love story with him. Bill, it's simple, he's the man of my life! As corny as it sounds, it's actually true!

I hope this story will allow you to delve into your own memories and remind you of good and beautiful times you spent with the people you love. Take the time to tell your lovers, your family, your friends that you love them because after all it's the holiday of love today and we can never give enough of this love !

Happy Valentine’s Day my LOVES!

Joelle xxxx

Photo credit: Shawn Bennett

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