Ce que la mode aura retenu de deux années pandémiques

What fashion will have learned from two pandemic years

Who would've believed that? Two years later, Covid-19 is still part of our lives. No one would dare say that they are not looking forward to being rid of it, but if we become a little philosophical, we will agree that the changes that the pandemic has brought are not all bad. Indeed, after seeing our way of life turned upside down, we kept certain behaviors, particularly in fashion, that we would no longer want to give up.

After being forced to work from home, many have seen their wardrobe migrate to “soft”. But, after a while, we ended up understanding that the “soft” also had the right to have style. That’s when we adopted the jogging and espadrilles look. Jogger pants coupled with high-mounted bottoms, or even fur slipper-style sandals, have become our best compromise between fashion and comfort. The oversized jacket, also checked, has won our hearts by adding warmth to this already super comfortable ensemble. A rolled up tuque worn on the tip of the head, a scarf placed like a poet: we are ready to face anything. Even the worst pandemic.

During our recent visit to New York, the chic jogging look was EVERYWHERE. The oversized jacket that goes down to the feet, covering a set of tie-dye fleece, black, gray or white, all New York fashionistas wore it proudly. Don't think, however, that they looked neglected: no! Bright makeup, pronounced eyelashes and eyebrows and mix & match jewelry perfectly completed their ensemble.

Gucci, Prada, Dior, so many luxury brands that have followed suit in this trend that we are likely to see everywhere in the coming months. And, we have to admit, no one is going to complain that comfort is so trendy, right? Shows that we can always find good, even in the most difficult times.

To recreate a New York look, but a JOELLE version, here are the pieces we offer:

- Loose white T-shirt

-Marsala dress with loose sleeves | Farrah

-Green jacket coat | Trenchcoat

-Black pants | Sid

-Green snake scarf | Decaf

-Beige and blue scarf | Domino

Photo credit: Vogue, photographed by Acielle, Style du monde

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