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Imaginarium Collection

This month, we invite you to risk, to create. We go to the other side of the mirror and we become other. Come on, girls , let's transform, spread our wings and take our look elsewhere.

" Who are you? […] Explain yourself! (1) »

In the Imaginarium, we embark on an unusual mixture of colors. If we usually combine pastel and cream colors with brown to create a luxurious effect, this time we go elsewhere: we mix them with cold colors like blue, pink, mauve, burgundy, and we complete with black shoes, transparent black tights as well as a black and silver belt to bring out the nuances of the colors in a completely different way.

"So you think you're changed, right?" »

In the Imaginarium, we explore, we mix more classic fabrics with more extravagant cuts. We play with proportions, we transform our flagship pieces and we give them a new identity. For example, we take the stripe, a pattern that couldn't be more classic, but we work it on a jacket which has nothing traditional in its sleeves and collar.

" 'Keep calm ,' said the Caterpillar. “Is that all? ” asked Alice […]. “No, ” replied the Caterpillar.

In the Imaginarium, we have fun: the fabrics take on the appearance of mushroom stripes, the appearance of gauze and the appearance of butterfly wings. There are no limits to the number of combinations we can imagine, and all our creativity is put to good use in this collection.

Girls , two clans are now available to you: tradition or imagination. “And now which one is the right one?” » It’s up to you to make the right choice. But don't forget that you shouldn't be afraid to dare to come out of your cocoon and transform yourself, because as a certain caterpillar said, "You'll get used to it in the long run."

(1) All italicized quotes are from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

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