L’or ou l’argent? Faut-il choisir ?

Gold or silver? Should you choose?

Navy or black? Heat or coolness? Gold or silver? So many fundamental questions (haha!) that we face. At JOELLE, we put it simply: why choose when you can have it all?! You know, we like to break down barriers, we like to mix, and that's why we invite you to deconstruct another style myth: take it for granted from now on, we have the right to wear gold and money at the same time! We offer you 3 tips for a beautiful mix.

  1. Mix on a piece of jewelry

JOELLE jewelry is like our clothes: versatile, it can take on more than one identity. We have designed our jewelry so that the pendant can be removed. This means that you can remove the pendant from a piece of gold jewelry, for example, and replace it with the pendant from another that would be silver. Another way to mix would be to tie two chains of different colors together to form one, longer chain. We like giving more life to our jewelry!

jewelry trick 1

2. Mix by block

Another way to get an interesting mix of accessories is to go in blocks: for example, layer on a few gold necklaces, while putting on a few silver bracelets. We create a different accent on different parts of the body, but above all, we obtain a really interesting “wow” effect. You can create endless combinations of looks, depending on how you prefer to wear one or the other shade.

jewelry trick 2

3. Mix in the same block

It's THE trend: we mix everything and everywhere. Gold and silver will never go out of fashion, why deprive yourself of wearing them both? Better yet, they love each other and get along so well together: pair them up without hesitation!

jewelry trick 3

In conclusion, to answer the eternal question of whether silver or gold is your best friend, think about this simple thing: those who have blue veins will be better served by silver, while those who have greenish veins will rather choose gold. This doesn't mean depriving yourself of one or the other, simply opt for the shade that suits you best for the jewelry you will wear closest to your face. But, as you know now, there’s nothing stopping you from changing it up from time to time and mixing it up! At JOELLE, we love freedom, and we know that you, the girls, love it as much as we do.
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