Une nouvelle identité JOELLE

A new JOELLE identity

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How nice it is for me to see you again this week for this new article. Probably, for a while now, the sharpest eyes have managed to detect our new logos, our new colors as well as our new faces for diversity across our networks. Eh yes! JOELLE is getting a makeover. What we have been showing you for several weeks translates into our new brand identity, which we have been working on for months in order to offer you not only something beautiful and more fashionable but also something that represents us. Since we were waiting to refine a few more details before telling you about it, I'm happy to tell you that we have now completed this overhaul. We are very proud to present this new JOELLE identity to you.

JOELLE, the artery of intelligent fashion

Since we always advocate the intelligent nature of things, whether in terms of the making of our collections, the styling put forward by our team or simply by the messages conveyed through our networks, it is important for me to tell you that this new identity goes in the same direction. Everything that will be presented to you has been thought out in such a way as to promote our “brand” and therefore give it a more significant value. We like to believe that after this information is disclosed to the general public, you will be even more proud to wear our JOELLE creations.

JOELLE, the making of

As you already know, JOELLE has existed for 6 years now. Our vision of fashion has evolved greatly over these years and, as a result, JOELLE has quickly transformed. The main objective for us is to push women to dare and get out of their comfort zone to give them the opportunity to evolve in all areas of their lives. Our large family is distinguished by this open-mindedness, this inclusion and this desire for diversification.

As our philosophy suggests; “Dare to be that difference in the JOELLE universe. Give yourself this power. The beauty between this force and this philosophy; It’s all of us! » 

The watchword : Evolution . (Represented by the emerald color that you can see through our “Universe” badge on Instagram and more to come)

In this sense, we have grouped this way of thinking under a single theme: evolution, a word that says a lot and which applies to everything that is created, presented and put forward by us. Everything that revolves around this concept represents our entity and consolidates our identity.

We are referring to the evolution that our company has proudly undergone over the years. We also think about the evolution that clothes experience on our bodies: what story do they tell and how do they evolve with us in our lives? Finally, we allude to the evolution that we all experience, each in our own way, through each stage of life. All these thoughts that accompany this concept not only amaze us, but above all allow us to be faithful to who we really are at JOELLE.

A new identity for JOELLE

We concluded that JOELLE is a support towards personal evolution. This evolution, which ensures our survival, is represented by the intelligent use and transmission of knowledge of our Art: Fashion . By developing and embracing their style, women improve their self-confidence to finally become the best version of themselves.

Fire (Represented by this flame that inhabits us all at JOELLE)

Wearing JOELLE clothes means bringing out the glow that lives in each of us: the flame of fashion, the flame of audacity and authenticity. Like our ancestors before us, we must dare to master fire and shine with all our passion for beauty and fashion.

Fish (Represented by our Torqui (the fish artwork at the bottom of the sea) on our social media, product labels and other upcoming collections)

Fish, the first species to set foot on land, is the perfect image of a pioneer, builder of evolution. One of them inspires us more: the builder pufferfish ( Torqui gener albomaculosus ). I fell in love with this fish when I was listening to a documentary about marine species. This species uses its art to ensure its evolution and reproduction through a drawing at the bottom of the sea. We therefore decided to integrate our interpretation of evolution into our brand identity through our Torqui (the pellet) which is in fact the work of the fish at the bottom of the sea, making it a pattern inspired by the tasks of the builder puffer fish. Since the latter is extremely hardworking, we also made the parallel with the fact that we always push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves.

Photo credits: Antique Fish, Pufferfish drawn by Fe. Clarke (1849-1899). Original from Museum of New Zealand.

The famous leopard print, not leopard at all (Represented by our Instagram tags, our product labels, our print on clothing and other things to come)

It's actually the skin of this fish that makes it look like it's leopard print. I fell in love immediately since, over the years, this style of print has always surfaced through our creations. Now it becomes even stronger than ever and takes on a much greater meaning. As I like to say, it’s the skin of evolution; since evolving means changing skin and therefore all the women who enter our family will have a new skin through our creations.

Knowing that this fish embodies resilience, hard work, art and evolution, it couldn't be a better fit with JOELLE the entity and who we are as a team and community.

Our muses – A question of diversity at JOELLE

What is a Muse? The Petit Robert definition states that the muses “(…) serve as intermediaries between artists, each with a specialty”. 

The JOELLE definition states that our Muses, YOU, aim to promote the JOELLE experience in their daily lives. So, since wearing JOELLE constitutes a lifestyle in itself, the muses are there to show what their life looks like through our universe. Unique, they allow us to depict several realities with a maximum level of authenticity. Our objective is to dissociate ourselves from the concept solely linked to the physique of women, but rather to attribute importance to their personalities. We aspire for a majority of women to be able to recognize themselves through each person's lifestyles, personal styles and daily lives. 

The JOELLE filter

When we tell you that you are part of the big JOELLE family, we are referring to the characteristics below which ensure that you are in perfect agreement with our organizational philosophy. Even though you are all different, you undoubtedly join one of the spheres of our philosophy. Thus, we believe that these characteristics solidify our identity and allow us to position ourselves as an organization in the market. Finally, it is what differentiates us from others and, above all, it is what makes us unique.

  • Girl Power ( keeping women at the heart of our priorities )
  • Inspiration ( to inspire others around you and to be inspired )
  • Motivation (motivating anyone who gets in our way, besides ourselves)
  • Crazyness ( let go of our crazy and stay humble )
  • Well-being (feeling good about yourself)
  • Artistic (being creative)
  • Family ( be part of the big JOELLE family )
  • Self-acceptance (simply loving yourself)

There you go, girls, now you are able to understand the meaning behind everything that is presented to you on a daily basis. Hoping that your JOELLE pieces will take on a completely different symbolic lineage and that you will be even more proud to wear our creations every day.

*Several new features coming with this new identity very soon 🥳

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